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Apparel Decoration Services

Are you looking for customized apparel decoration services for your apparel and at the most reasonable cost? Then Infinitee is right place for you. Infinitee is not just offering blank apparel but you can get embroidery and screen printing services as well. We are focusing to provide most personalized services to every customer considering all their requirements to provide them with the best.

So whatever design or logo you have got, you can get it as you want it on your apparel like whether it’s the back or front of your shirt or cap or anywhere. And these services are not just for apparel but you can get your bags, headwear, towel and other accessories decorated as well from Infinitee.

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Embroidery Services

Infinitee is now offering embroidery services as well. Get apparel of your choice from wide collection of basics, formals, uniforms etc. at Infinitee and get them embroidered the way you want. Our team is willing to go an extra mile to provide you with splendid embroidery services, offering you fine and neat embroidery with accuracy.

Logo Digitizing Service

Digitizing is basically a mechanism through which your design or logo in converted into a format that is readable by the machine. Considering this we know the importance and role that fine digitizing plays for good embroidery hence we have got a team of experts who know the details necessary for an image that develops well when embroidered, while keeping in mind the diversified needs of different kind of threads and fabrics.

There will be just one-time fee for the setup of your logo in digitized format that is to be embroidered, and that logo can be then reused infinite number of times onwards.

Our Process

Step 1

Here our team refines the design that is provided by customer keeping in mind the need of design and fabric that is to be used for embroidery, while developing a final version that can be read by the machine.

Step 2

After digitizing once the design is verified by the customer then it is sent to the embroidery team. This team manages the embroidery of that approved design on the apparel while making sure to maintain its quality throughout.

Step 3

After embroidery all the pieces go through a process of quality assurance where it is checked to deliver you with the finest embroidery with accuracy.

Now get your t shirt, hoodie, uniforms, caps and even towels embroidered the way you want and at the most reasonable prices ever.

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Screen Printing Services

Infinitee is now offering quality screen printing for your apparel as well. We aim to offer outstanding result with competitive prices to deliver you true value for money. With a team of experts and fine technology, we are here to provide you with promised results.

Our Process

Step 1

It all starts with you providing us with a design. Here we have got a team of experts who can help you in optimizing your design as well. Then a final version of design is created that is analyzed by our team for printing keeping all the factors in mind that would affect printing.

Step 2

Then after your approval this final version of design is sent out for printing where our team of experts work on its printing while managing the correct order and inks to get accurate results. Then it goes through the process of flash drying to avoid color bleeding.

Step 3

Then this apparel goes through further processing where it is treated to make the printed design final. Then after approval by our team the piece is delivered to you finally.

Now get your design printed on your apparel, be it a t-shirt, hoodie, uniform or cap, at the most reasonable prices and fine quality!

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